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CPU: 400 MHz Pentium II
CPU Performance: SPECint95=15.8
Main Memory: 256 MB 50 ns ECC Viking memory

Disk Technology: Two high speed "Ultra SCSI 2" disk I/O channels

Disk Volumes: 6 GB System Volume, 18 GB User Volume, 18 GB Live Mirror of User Volume; Seagate Cheetah 10,000 RPM drives

Data Backup: Triple backup of data provided:
1) Live mirror of user volume on secondary drive
2) Compressed archive stored on system volume
3) Digitaltape archive

Network Card: Connected to Cisco 5500 switch via dedicated, full-duplex DEC 10/100 Mbps Ethernet

Power Backup: Liebert UPS with 1 hour battery, backed up by a 250 kW Onan/Cummins diesel generator with 36 hours of fuel

Network Connectivity
Internet Connectivity: 2 Verio OC3s (OC3=155 mbps) and 1 Sprint DS3 (DS3=45 mbps). Keynote consistently rates the Verio network as one of the fastest
Internet backbones.

Router Core: Cisco 7500s - equipped with redundant power supplies on redundant UPSs and redundant route processors

Server Lan Connections: Cisco 5500 High-speed Ethernet switches (96 full-duplex 10 mbps ports each) equipped with redundant power supplies and redundant route processors

Data Transfer guarantees that bandwidth is available to accommodate each client's growing needs. Network bandwidth is closely monitored to ensure fast access to your Web site. Our data center has a direct Internet connection and high exit capacity, ensuring fast, high-performance access to your Web site content. Servers are monitored for connectivity and server processes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your business-critical site is always available.


Email is an essential Internet communications tool. Conforming to the open Internet standards, our mail servers deliver remarkable speed and performance. Whether you are developing multiple mailing lists or simply exchanging email with customers, can accommodate your messaging needs. The mail servers we use have the following powerful features: anti-spam filters, mailing lists, autoresponders, forwarding, aliases and other advanced features. If email access is desired, we can provide POP Accounts at competitive rates. 


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