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Coldwell Banker


Business Type
California Real Estate Broker

Design and market a Web site that respectfully represents the busiest and most well established real estate broker in the "Funkiest Town in America".

Graphically convey the flavor of the local beach community while delivering relevant content for home buyers and sellers. Incorporate Web site advertising into existing marketing campaign. Make Sandy Berens the "Internet Queen of Venice, California", through strategic search engine placement. Promote the site nationally through Internet real estate guides.  

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An E-mail

Thanks Guys,

I appreciate everything you do more than you know. Usually I can't rely on anyone to do what they say. You have been honest and dependable and responsible, and I truly love my site. As for Yahoo, that is wonderful, thanks for the update. I  have another new listing today as a result of the site, and will put the info in the mail.


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"Venice Real Estate"

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"Venice California Real Estate"

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"Venice Canals"

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"Venice Property"

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